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Posted by Ed on January 12, 2000 at 09:52:00:

In Reply to: What's with tribute bands? posted by Brock on January 07, 2000 at 09:45:14:

: Hey all.. this doesn't even apply to bass (it could actually) but i thought
: it was worth printing since i know you are all aspiring musicians..
: you know.. i've been thinking. I'll probably be hated for saying this..
: but seriously, what's with tribute bands?? Why don't they just call them rip-off bands? Because that's what they really are. I know there are some really talented musicians playing in tribute bands, and the music might even sound good, but hey, where's the challenge? You could buy/find the notation/tab for just about every piece of music out there. And it especially drives me nuts when these "bands" actually go out and make money off of someone elses entire catalogue of songs. Now don't get me wrong, covers are ok, but if you are only playing the songs of one band, then....c'mon. i don't know..hmmm. To anyone who actually writes their own music: Keep it up please!!!! We need some creativity so that we can get out of this shitty stage of boy-bands and rap groups. What happened to music that sounds good like Zepplin and countless bands through history that were actually in it for the music and not the money. I think Pearl Jam is one of the last bands around to be like that (some of you might not agree) same with Bela-flek and the flektones...
: Please i'd love to hear what you all think about this
: Brock

I'm a jazz musician, and this is mostly a pop phenomenon, but I would like to make two points.
1. If there wasn't a market for it it wouldn't exist. Most people listening to pop music don't really seem to be "listening" to what's going on musically, they are relating a specific song to a specific time in their lives or an emotional event related closely to the song. At least they are listening to musicians and not a jukebox.
2. The intent of the band doesn't matter, the intent of the musician does. If a musician is interested in expaning and deepening their understanding of music they will, even if they are in a "cover" band. Conversely, just because a musician is playing "original" material does not mean that they are automatically more "musical".

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