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Posted by Stinko Stanko on August 08, 2000 at 08:01:02:

In Reply to: Re: Picking basses posted by El Pájaro on August 08, 2000 at 06:48:17:

: : Like, with a plectrum (sp?), not choosing them.
: : What do you all think?
: : You can get a desired sound out of it, and play faster, but it closes off so many options (slap, tap, thump, various little tricks), and makes it more impersonal, you know?
: : I don't like it.

: Hello there,
: I posted my opinions about this one some time ago in this very same board, but I was so painfully misunderstood I think I'd rather make it clearer this time.
: In the first place: I don't think playing either with a pick or with the fingers is "more correct" or "more appropiate" than the other. They're just techniques.
: Second: I belive all of us, as musicians, should at least investigate every possible technique and take advantage of all of them withouth becoming advocates of one or the other. Ultimately, all of us should be able to pluck, pick, thump, slap, pop, tap or breathe on the bass, whatever it takes to set the groove in motion and (what a concept!) TO FULFILL WHAT THE MUSIC CALLS FOR.
: Yes, most of us will feel more comfortable with one technique than with the others, but IMHO there's no technique that's inherently more valid than the rest, and if any particular musical situation calls for a pick sound, I'd rather be able to deliver it than saying to the bandleader "look, I just don't play with a pick, it just isn't me".
: That's my two pennies. Different opinions, as always, will only make us better, so if you disagree with the above, speak up. Buena suerte and keep your bass up front in the mix,

: El Pájaro.


Right on man... If one disagrees with this, one will probably have a hard time surviving in music... But of course, you shouldn't learn to play with a technique you don't like... There is plenty of bassists that just stick to one or two particular techniques and have a good time with that, just look at mostly punk, rock, pop-players (Bonehead?). You don't have to be Victor Wooten to be a good bassist. On the other side, diversity is a good thing. It opens up for so much, and the chanse is bigger the call goes to you. Thats my humble opinion...

Keep the beat

Stinko Stanko

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