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Posted by Asbestos Man on August 09, 2000 at 02:17:29:

In Reply to: Recording with Fingers posted by pkeeg on August 08, 2000 at 23:57:39:

: I was doing some recording the other day when the Engineer told me I didn't sound good with fingers & to use a pick. I know ther's a difference in sound so I did & he said it sounded tighter. My problem is I've always played with fingers (about 6 years) and it's only in the last two months I've been forcing myself to use a pick (because of the sound) so I just don't feel as confident as I play with fingers.
: Has anyone got any suggestions (ie technique,or EQ settings) I can try for a more cutting sound with fingers. Thank You.

If you think picking contributes more to your music, then great. But it usually isn't worth sacrificing soul for tone. If your playing is suffering because you're not comfortable, it's probably not worth it. But sometimes it is. You gotta make the call.
If the bass is more prominent in the mix (which it sounds like it isn't in your case), then you should be able to play your best. But in the rear of the mix, tone is often the most important thing.
There is no real way to replicate the picking sound with your fingers. Turning the mids down and the highs up, and playing close to the bridge is probably the best you can do. Putting a little bit of overdrive on it is a good idea as well.
Getting the strings to rattle a little by lowering the action or increasing your string gauge may help too.
The thing with EQs is they work mostly on the harmonic elements of the note, if you know what I mean. You can't really make the actual note significantly different, just change the prominence of the note, it's octave, it's third, it's fifth, it's seventh, then higher and higher versions of all those, and others. It's kinda hard to explain, but you can do some great things with EQs if you know how to use them properly.
Anyone knwo how to explain it properly?

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