Re: calling all family men

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Posted by Miroi on August 09, 2000 at 18:38:41:

In Reply to: calling all family men posted by Tim Brosnan on August 08, 2000 at 20:26:31:

I'm another non-dad, so I'll pass on what I think I would think if I was in your sons position.

First of all, I would be totally overjoyed if I had a dad that could teach me :)

Anyway. Show your son the basics, and answer his questions. As the others have pointed out, he might choose a teacher by himself later on, but I don't think it's all that important in the begining. Maybe, if the teacher push him to hard, or just isn't the right person for him, he might grow tired of playing and quit.
Ofcourse, the same can happen if you teach him. Maybe, when he grows older he just doesn't find playing fun and quit. After all, a person change interests and so on quite alot growing up

My point is, whatever you choose, it'll be fine as long as your son likes playing with you (or his maybe teacher).

: Hello there everybody.I need help with something;however,only those with kids might be able to help with this one(although i respect ANYONES opinion.)
: My son is almost nine.He is showing an interest in music(i started on bass when i was ten.)I bought him a bass,and have started to show him some things.
: My question;should i teach him myself?I can definitely get him started,but if he decides to continue,would he be be better off with another teacher?I feel that even though he shares my name,his own musical voice may not develope(he may become a clone of dad.)
: Some people have already said get him his own teacher.What do you guys think?
: Peace,and keep on groovin'!

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