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Posted by kenny on August 09, 2000 at 18:54:30:

In Reply to: Re: Recording with Fingers posted by paige on August 09, 2000 at 10:34:37:

: : : I was doing some recording the other day when the Engineer told me I didn't sound good with fingers & to use a pick. I know ther's a difference in sound so I did & he said it sounded tighter. My problem is I've always played with fingers (about 6 years) and it's only in the last two months I've been forcing myself to use a pick (because of the sound) so I just don't feel as confident as I play with fingers.
: : : Has anyone got any suggestions (ie technique,or EQ settings) I can try for a more cutting sound with fingers. Thank You.

: : WAIT A MINUTE......are changing your playing style after 6 years because some engineer told you he didn't like the way you sound with your fingers??????????Something does NOT seem right about this.......unless I'm not understanding something ....please enlighten me

Yeah.....I sort of got the impression he was working in his own band......not as a hired gun......if he was a hired gun then so be it, you would be correct. But if he was working in his own band then I still don't agree. Engineers have great ears but I don't they should tell ya how to play.........maybe the producer........

: The engineer has the right to critique the sound that he is hearing. And if he is an experienced engineer, he has seen lots of players and understands what different techniques bring to the mix. When I go into a studio situation, I am not in charge... I am a servant to the song, and to the engineering staff. My job is to give that engineer what he wants to hear. That is one of the things that makes studio work so hard... our ego wants to bristle whenever anyone questions how we do things on the bass. In this case, he wanted a picked sound. And you gave it to him... you acted like a professional and delivered what was asked of you.... good job. Keep that attitude up, and you will get called back, I guarantee it. I don't think you will be able to emulate the picked sound with your fingers. Learn the pick, it's another tool in the kit. I tend to play "heavy" with my fingers, and so I use a pick many times in order to be more precise.

: Kenny, my friend.....
: I can't help but get the impression that you think the engineer was attacking this guy's "style" because he wanted a picked sound. He wasn't attacking the player, asking him to forget everything he knew about playing... he was saying he wanted something different (at least that is how I interpreted the request). If you are going to do studio work on anyone else's work other than your own, you will have to be able to deliver a variety of styles as well as a wide variety of sounds, totally dependant on the ear of the producer and the engineer. If they are smart they will ask an experienced player for their input, but if they don't, it is the bassist's job to pony up the goods (as my grandfather would say...)anyway.

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