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Posted by El Pájaro on August 10, 2000 at 10:22:57:

In Reply to: Re: Stojan posted by greg on August 10, 2000 at 09:19:51:

: Personally, I have never understood why people feel they need to move around
: (jumping, etc) while playing. If you feel like doing it thats great,
: but it shouldnt be forced or choreographed. For what it is worth, some of
: the lamest, worst shows I have been to had band members jumping around alot,
: doing choreogrpahed movements, while some of the hottest, most intense shows
: musically had band members that moved around very for thought..

Hey there,
Good point! Looking like the Backstreet Boys onstage, just for the sake of moving around when playing, certainly sounds kinda dumb. Moving onstage just for "the show" has absolutely nothing to do with music, nor adds a thing to the performance in musical terms. If I wanted to see a "show", I'd rather pay to attend a Broadway musical than going to a concert.
However, spontaneity in a show (especially in a high-energy one) is one of the most enjoyable things that can hapen onstage. When nothing's planned, but the sheer energy of the music and the feedback from a cheering audience makes your blood run and your adrenaline rush, and you just FEEL that urge to express that state of euphoria through your music and with your body, man ...there's nothing quite like letting everything go and let your wildest instincts take over you.
I love when that happens...

El Pájaro.

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