Re: My favorite bass... and why?

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Posted by kenny on August 11, 2000 at 06:42:46:

In Reply to: My favorite bass... and why? posted by Paige on August 11, 2000 at 05:28:42:

: Kenny posed this question in another thread, and it really got me to thinking... What IS my favorite bass? And Why??????

: After 25+ years of playing, I am closing in on hwat I want in a bass. I think I am really close, right now with the current stable. None of them are really expensive, and one is really cheap, as a matter of fact. Here are the basses that as of now are my favorites, and why...

: 1. Carvin 6 string (LB76) with EMG pickups. I am changing out the electronics to put in a bridge with piezos and couple that with Bartolini's. But my big love affair with this instrument is the way it plays. Though it is a six string and does not have narrow spacing between the strings, it plays so easy - it just is not a pain to move around on this baby. I use it primarily for my jazz trio gigs, because wih the extended range of the 6 strings, it allows me to do more chordal things and solo over a wider range.

: 2. Alembic Epic 5 string fretless.
: Though a lower end Alembic, my reason for this baby .... tone tone tone!!!! Very dark and woody, with a very distinctive mwahhhhh. A dream to record with.

: 3. Fender Mexican Precision Special (has a Jazz bass pickup at the bridge along with the traditional Pbass pickup) 4 string. My reason for having this under 500.00 (brand new) bass? That Fender tone! On funk and in church Praise Band (Contemporary Pop/Rock/Funk) it provides the power and the punch that a Hi Fi bass (such as my Carvin) seems to lack. Also... since it is a four string, it forces me to simplify the grooves a little more (as I am used to 5 and six string basses being my main basses), which really tightens up the entire rhythm section. In other words, this inexpensive bass sounds great, and keeps me focused on my roots as a bass player.

: So as you can see, my favorite bass probably hasn't been found yet (hah!)but the ones I have now are as close as I have come. I am finally at the point where I walk into a store, try out a bunch of basses and say (more and more) nope... decent enough fretless, but not up to my Epic.... or the same thing concerning the 6 string, etc. These three basses define my "sound" and depending on the venue, any one of these three can be my favorite bass at any one time.
: PAige

Good answer Paige.......I think it is great that after 25 years you are still open minded about it. You've got about ten playing years on me and yet we have a similar approach to our basses. I'm just paying my dues on the fretless 5 though. I've only had it since last November, and I'm still workin on the old ear/intonation. I've come along quite well, but haven't reached the point of being TOTALLY confident.......YET. My fav is the fretless stingray5. I had to trade in a fretted stingray5 to get it. I really loved the fretted one, but I had this dream of having the best of both worlds: a DEEP sounding bass with a huge focused sound///and a bass that can sing like a bird. I think I got it. peace

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