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Posted by Paige on August 11, 2000 at 06:48:21:

In Reply to: Re: Stojan posted by Kenny on August 09, 2000 at 20:29:02:

A while ago, We had the opportunity to watch a videotape of ourselves playing a set on a bar. Mood was high and public's dancing. But looking at myself was really annoying. There I stood, playing bass, just right up and down, but with no movement except for my hands, only looking down at the neck of the bass. I mean, I have never seen a more stiff person, it was really embarassing, actually.

: : So, I went home practising some moves (don't laugh!), like, dancing and headbanging and just trying to move with what I was playing, but it seems almost impossible. I just screw up all the time, it seems in my case like I must concentrate on moving, and that distracts me from the playing.

: : Well, that's my biggest problem right now… Please help me, I refuse standing visible on a stage before I've quit looking like a politician behind a bass. Give me some good advice, maybe even some cool moves? Peace…

: Certainly do not worry about this one. But, the advice someone gave about learning to play without looking at the neck so much would really help your problem alot. I found that paying some attention to my bandmates and letting them inpsire me a little helps alot as well. Now....Now...I'm not saying we should go leaning on the guitar players back(like so many 80's "bass" players did), but rather enjoy the show a little, almost like ya were actually in the audience. But don't forget to pay attention to the good luck .....peace

Hey, buddy...
take this from somone who never could dance, probably never will dance etc. Do not try to be someone else... take inspiration, perhaps from what you see others do.... for instance:
Abraham LaBoreal, one of my favorite bass players... you oughta watch this guy play sometime. I have NEVER seen anyone who so completely demonstrates his love of music when he plays like this guy does.... he bobs, he weaves, he dances....
And then I see John Myung (sp?) of Dream theatre... sitting on a barstool while he plays! Both incredible players, totally different "looks" if you will. My friend, play your bass to the best of your ability. Learn the songs so completely that you can do them in your sleep. At that point you can start looking into and concentrating on some moves.... all I can tell you is that this last few years I have managed to "loosen up" on stage, and even though I call it dancing or grooving, my son says it looks more like "interpretive movement"! God bless him..... but I am enjoying the snot out of playing, and I will do what I am gonna do. So - move, don't move.... don't sweat it! Play your fanny off - ultimately if anyone remembers the bass player, hopefully it will be because of his playing!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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