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Posted by Pat Harrington on August 21, 2000 at 22:44:12:

In Reply to: Speakers Distorting posted by pkeeg on August 21, 2000 at 02:58:04:

: I use a Carvin bi-amp head which is 2x250 watts at 4ohm with 2 4x10 8 ohmes each(Eminance speakers)

>>>> You've got an "impedence mismatch" there, 8 ohm load (speakers) on
a 4 ohm amplifier...You're probably putting out about 50% of your
head's output rating by doing that...I'm not sure about which model
Carvin you've got there, but maybe you can bridge both sides of the
head and parallel the cabinets, for an overall 4 ohm rating??????
Carvin has a 1-800 tech line, give 'em a call, maybe they can

Quad boxes and a Stingray 5. From 1/4 volume up the low notes don't sound like they do at lower volume. The only way I can describe the sound is like it's very wavey and sort of a blurting sound. I car't go past near half volume or the b string makes no sence at all and the open E rings just as bad. This is with all the EQ's Flat.

>>>> Have you checked the 9 volt battery in your bass lately?? Could be
it's time for a new one....Always start with the simplest, most
obvious things first...

It has been suggested that I'm pushing alot of power and more so when I start uping the EQ's and that better quality speakers and maybe at least one 15" instead of a Quad might help. So my question is has anyone got any comments or had any experience with loud heads, cheap speakers and their sizes and the low frequencies that I'm pushing. Sorry about the bad sound description, shit hard to describe sound. Thanks

>>> Your 4X10 Carvins should handle the low B no problem, Eminence speakers
are pretty tough, almost impossible to blow up....Check your bass's
battery, and all your connections, use the "speakon" or binding post
type of speaker cables instead of the 1/4 inch type if at all possible,
also, make sure you're using SPEAKER CABLE to connect to your head,
NOT shielded guitar cable!! Also, that LOW B tends to shake things up,
make sure all your speaker connections (even INSIDE) the cabinets
are tight...


Pat H

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