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Posted by Barry on August 22, 2000 at 15:45:48:

In Reply to: Re: first bass posted by kenny on August 22, 2000 at 14:47:06:

: : I just bought my 15year old son his first bass( I thought we could learn to play at the same time). He informed me that it's his, so I have to get my own sooner or later. I know absolutely nothing about them( good from bad brand names)but ended up with the Gibson Tobias (Toby 4 string) It looks really sharp and as far as I can tell sounds good. My son is crazy about it anyway. I went to find someone that gives lessons, the teacher wanted to start him out on an acoustic guitar first then switch to bass later. ( Is this the norm?) She told me he would get bored with the bass if we started out with it first. I showed her the bass and told her my son was very excited about playing the BASS and wanted her to try and start on the BASS, so he is.
: : anyway I'm looking for a combo amp now, the little singalong amp he's using now will not keep him happy (he wants to rattle the windows). is the hartke kickback 15 a good practice/ small stage amp?
: : also is there any cheats or tricks to help remember fingerings?
: : Thanks for your help.

: Hi Barry,
: I'm not sure what that teacher was talkin' about, but maybe you should find your son another teacher. Is this person a bass teacher, or a music teacher? The Hartke kickback is more than enough for a practice amp, wish my dad would have bought me one of those when I was a kid. I believe the kickback was designed to be a small stage amp/or a monitor when needed. It would serve you best if maybe you post some other amps in a similar price range and the folks at the forum will help you pick and choose. But the Hartke amp is fine, and would cetainly be considered more than a practice amp.

: I don't really approach the bass in "remembering" fingering. You will learn a technique for fingering notes on the bass and that approach will be a vehicle for learning where all the notes are on the bass. I was taught to learn to play a note(applying the appropiate pressure to the string on a fret/ plucking the strings alternating your index and middle fingers) and then learn the fret board by playing and naming notes as I went along. Once you know the fret board (and there are various ways to do this/scales ......exercises.....repitition....etc. Then when you really get to know the instrument, you can begin to look at the bass and the notes you will play on it in terms of the distance they are from eachother. Your fingering technique will be important when you need to decide which notes to play where and on what string. Then your hands will start to open up and more and the entire bass opens up to you as well. There are so many ways to go about this........I could write on and on.........but just some thoughts for you..........peace Kenny

I think the teacher does teach several diff instruments (piano, guitar,) she does have an upright bass in a corner. I thought i would have her teach the basic's then look for someone else when he advances. Do you think there are better or more appropriate amps in the 400 price range?

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