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Posted by Datsgor on August 26, 2000 at 08:51:42:

In Reply to: Pa systems and how to use them posted by Chris on August 25, 2000 at 22:30:41:

: Hey all, im currently playing bass in a band and loving it. Being only 14 a begginner at bass and new to electronics and stuff, i have alot of questions. One of our guitarists recently picked up a free used Peavey mixer amp, which was a great find for us, and he says is was 750$ new. Its an 8 channel pretty big mixer with speaker jacks and mic imputs, with built in reverb and tape outputs and so forth. We took it in to a music store and the guy told us with two speakers it is basically a pa system. So first off, what kind of speakers do you reccommend? we dont want to buy anything over 250$ a spkr. Next, we have 8 mic imputs and only one singer, is it possible to run the amps directly into the mixer to come through the speakers so we can mix everybody, or do we have to mic the amps ? We'd rather not because mics are expensive.... if it matters the guys have Crate 30 watt guitar amps, if that means anything. And we would also like to save the mics for the drums. Also we looked at fender 15" pa speakers, would these make a big difference when added to two guitar amps and drums? Ok any input on pa systems would be a great help, and wed appreciate an info on how we can use it at best. Peace. chris

Great bet you you can run everybody through it. It would be especially nice if the guitarists were running through one of these little effects boxes.(you know, POD, Sans Amp, Pandoras Box, etc.) Now, as for speakers. Carvin has some O.K. stuff for around 250/300$(website had some 12" monitors in my studio, but we blew them. The tweeter/horn magnets turned out to be pretty rinky-dink. I have 15" Community speakers now and they sound great. My advice on the speakers is just go listen to some and remember, you scored a free PA amp, so dont skimp on the speakers. Spend a little bit more and get some sound that will last. You will be happier in the long run. On to plugging your amps into that board. DON'T plug the output of the amps directly into the board, you'll fry something. If your amp doesnt have a low impedence output, then you will have to get a "direct box"( or use a pre-amp). If you find yourself with an extra 80$, it would be an added bonus to go out and get a microphone or two. Sure make one the best/cheapest mics in the SM-57. It is great for instruments, kick drums, overhead is not bad, you can even get away with vocals(although the SM-58 is better suited for that role). If you are not too extremely worried about your bass tone, you can plud directly into the board.(the two or three band EQ should work nicely enough.) Once again, by all means use that Peavy, with the whole band running through it, you will get a much cleaner/lower volume sound(save your ears) and be much happier with the mix. Enjoy your music...ALWAYS.......peace.........john

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