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Posted by Joe on August 26, 2000 at 18:55:03:

In Reply to: Re: Hartke or Carvin posted by Datsgor on August 23, 2000 at 10:57:37:

: : I'm trying to choose between the Hartke kickback 15 or the Carvin PB200-15. What reputations do the two products have? They both can be purchased over the internet ( usually at a better price than in a store). I can't find any seller of peavey tnt on the net.( this was the third choice I came up with by reading the old post). So it's between the Hartke or Carvin. The bass does have active pickups. The amp is for practice (and maybe church or school jazzband down the road.)
: : Thanks for your opinions.
: : Barry
I am using a Hartke kickback 15 at the moment for my gigs. I use it as a monitor, since my band uses a couple of 18" EAW subs in the system. When I use it by itself in a small club I noticed that there just aren't enough highs at all. The amp desparately needs a tweeter. Its not the fault of the amp though; 15's just can't go very high without sounding like pots and pans. My bass has recorded and has very airy/sweet highs (Bartolini pickups on a Fodera five-string.) But the Hartke speaker can't reproduce them at all. If Hartke rethinks this amp and puts a tweeter in it, they will win over lots of new friends because otherwise this amp is a little workhorse.

Carvin definitely sounds better in many cases because of the conventional paper speaker cones and the fact that they are into putting tweeters on the cabinets ( I have the 2-10 plus tweeter configuration). However, their stuff is too freakin' heavy! Maybe I would think differently if I were a younger man, but I intend to gig into my golden years.

: Hmmmm.....Hartke is a good amp...i have never dealt with one. I do however have ALOT of experiance with Carvin. I have the PB150-10 (they dont make it anymore)and I have never had one complaint about it. It is a punchy, tight little combo...loud too, and the speaker can handle it. You can crack the speaker up, but you have to turn the volume into the realm of rediculas to do it. One of the reasons I like Carvin so much is they have a really good built in compressor on the amps. There is also a noise gate. I would imagine the 15" speaker and the tweeter will sound extremely fine being pushed by the 160watts that the PB200-15 is. For practice or church the Pro Bass is extremely over qualified. unless you will be playing your local civic center anytime soon, I think you will be very pleased with the Carvin. They are good products with a good sevice policy. well, thats my 2cents. good luck on your decision......john

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