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Posted by JN on August 29, 2000 at 09:29:11:

In Reply to: slapping noises posted by SHC on August 26, 2000 at 00:48:58:

Instead of debating weather the Korn guy is a good player or not, I'll try to answer your question ;)

Now, what it sounds like to me is that you do the slapping wrong. First of all, when you slap you need to bounce back your thumb. The way you describe the sound it "looks" like you do the hit but then leave your thumb on the string... or worse, keep it pushed down. That why you mute the string with your thumb and/or (if you push it down) mute it with the low frets aswell. Try to practise doing it on an open E-string. Just relax your thumb and hit it up and down as you would if you where holding a drumstick (the thing I'm aiming for is to describe that you need to relax your thumb and just let it hang loose so to speak in case you don't know how to hold a drumstick properly)

Anyway, just do that and without using your arm to slap, just use your wrist and twist it back and forth. You know...errr... palm up, palm down, palm up, palm down-like. Kind of hard to explain in text this is. The key thing is the relaxed thumb. Oh, and you don't need to hit the string very hard to get the noise... you basiclly just need to edge the string. Since you thumb are moving pretty fast it will get a twang sound anyway.

When you got that down so you get it working well you can try adding a pop, by using your other fingers (whichever most comfortable will do since you are only learning, when you get it down, choose another finger and do it until you can pop with all your fingers (accept thumb)

Then... try to alternate betwen E and A string with your slapping thumb, and between each slapp, do a pop an any avalible string (higher (in tone) then the one you're slapping. You can't pop the E-string when you slap the A... but this is common sense)

Anyway, when you can do all of this without thinking, you have finished the learningphase. Now play some tunes!!! ;)

Hopefully this wasn't TOO hard to follow. And hopefully this will help you with your problem. One last thing I might add since it was brought up in the thread is that you can do slapping using whatever type of string. You'll get better effect with some, but you shouldn't get the sound you are describing becous you are using the "wrong" strings.

: How do you get the kind of slap noises that the guy from Korn gets on Freak on a Leash? When I slap my strings all I get is this really dead "Dkk dkk dkk" kind of sound and it doesn't sound very 'bouncy'. Anybody know? Would be really helpful cuz I can play the rest of the damn thing except for the slapping parts.

: Thanx.

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