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Posted by JDP on September 03, 2000 at 22:40:08:

In Reply to: Right Hand Technique? posted by Chris on September 03, 2000 at 13:37:01:

: Hello all, im looking for any suggestions on pluck/slap technique. I am starting to get the hang of the technique just by teaching myself and have copied several basslines that use this style. However, i have never taken any lessons just attempted to imitate players i hear and see play. But still, i will go to the music shop and there will be a few guys there every once and a while who compine slap and pluck, throw in all kinds of weird harmonics, muted notes, and go realllly fast (using lots of hammer ons and pulloffs i think with slap) and it just sounds realy impressive. Does anyone have any tips on this kind of technique using the thumb to slap and fingers to pluck? I can improvise well using normal finger style but not nearly as well using this new technique... i just cant seem to get all the notes in i want with slap. But it sounds just awesome and any suggestions would be greatly appreciated....
: ALSO, on my search for the perfect amp... Any reviews of the SWR Silverado special? Im looking at a used one n the web, and its not the current 'silverado special' which runs for 850 new or so with 2x10s, but an older model with 4x8s. It seems like great deal and ive heard swr are the best, any reviews on this particular model? Would i be MUCh better off with this than, say, a peavey tnt or a 2x10 combo? Well this is getting long thanks everybody, and peace --- chris

:Hey Chris. Not gonna touch on the amps, but I'll give you some low down on slap stuff. A good basic slap book/CD is Slap Bassics by Bunnel Brunel Check his web site or to find that one. A GREAT video for slap bass from beginner to very advanced is by Alexis Sklarevski. It's called The Slap Bass Program. You shouldn't be without this video in your material. It's made by Video Progressions and you can find it at I knew NOTHING about slap and used both the above resources and have advanced quite well in slap/pop playing. Now, as far as the hammer-on/pull off things you are hearing from the local guys, they are probably copying Victor Wooten. He uses several "non traditional" techniques including his "double thumb" and "Open Hammer Pop" or OHP for short. He covers OHP on his web site and both in his video Super Bass Solo Technique. You can find Super bass about anywhere., ebay, you name it. Both video sell for around 50 bucks, but it's the best 50 bucks you'll ever spend. If I could only get one of the 2 videos I would go for Alexis. Not dissin' Vic, but the production quality on The Slap Bass Program is outstanding. Very good sound and as many camera angles as you want. Victor is a GREAT player, but sometimes I think he forgets he's a bass god and mere mortals can't groove at 200 bpm right out the gate. Hope this helps! JDP

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