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Posted by rumblethump on September 04, 2000 at 13:44:52:

In Reply to: Re: cheap 5 string? posted by Milan on September 03, 2000 at 23:01:48:

This months BP gave the toby pro 5 prettygood marks. I would also consider
a Carvin Bolt 5 or LB75. I sure like my LB75. You might also look at MIM
Jazz 5 string. It really comes down to what YOU like best, try as many as you can.

: : Hi.

: : I would like to hear what you think is a good but cheap 5 string.

: : I allready have a really good...and for me, very expensive 4 string bass which I am very happy with and I'm not trading it in for a new one, but I found myself on rare occation in need of that extra low string, so now I'm thinking about buying a 5 string just for those couple of tunes.

: : Now... since we're talking about maybe 5-10 tunes, I don't want to waste that much money on the bass. So... since I never have owned a 5-string I don't know which is good or bad. So anyone have any suggestion on what to look into?
: : Make and model.

: : Oh, and if you know of a 5-string that isn't cheap, but still not expencive, you can yell aswell, since I got high standards and sometimes my wallet suffers for that, but just so I know when I go looking what that walletkiller is like hehe

: Hi Killroy,

: With respect to the 4 string die hards(of which I was one until recently), if you really like your 4, consider a Hipshot D-tuner. It offers more low notes, the tone & playability of your favorite instrument, it's cheap, and most importantly, nothing else to carry!

: If you're really interested in a 5, read on.

: What's your budget? Ifyou're looking for something new, Dean's seem to be some of the best deals out there. The Czech-made Edge basses list at about $700 and are made by the same folks who crank out the MTD Grendel basses($1699 list). I've owned a Grendel & was very impressed with the build quality. The sound was just a bit to "modern" or agressive for me. I'm much happier with my Tobias 5s. The Deans sell new for as low as $499. I just checked oneout a couple of days ago, and thought it was well worth the money.

: If you want one of the best(in my opinion) made & sounding 5 string basses anywhere at any price point, check out Matt Pulcinella Guitars. He makes a "Level 5" bass that kills anything! I love mine!!!!!! Back down to earth. Matt hand makes a bass in Pennsylvania for about $1300. He sells direct. This is what you could buy a Lakland for back when they sold direct. I've compared my Level 5 to $5000 dollar Ken Lawrences, Ken Smiths,Laklands, and my own small team of Tobias basses, and it wastes them all. It can sound like a wonderful old Fender, a snarly Stingray, or a high end "hippie sandwich". Matt is at http://www.

: If you don't mind buying used, this is a great time to grab a Tobias Growler. These are excellent, American made, versatile instruments that are floating around the used market for as low as $650. Gibson made Tobiases get a bit of a bum rap. Though they could use a more decent set up than the factory provides, they are nonethless, excellent instruments. I just picked up a N.O.S. Tobias "Killer B" for under $1000, cuz it had been hanging in the store for 3 years and had never been set up properly. It listed at over $3000.

: I know there's stuff out there from Peavey, Ibanez, Samick, etc, but I don't have any experience with that stuff.

: There's aworld of opportunty out there, happy hunting!!

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