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Posted by Remen on September 08, 2000 at 01:22:27:

In Reply to: Re: Bill Dickens uses it.....(m) posted by Deman on September 07, 2000 at 20:09:28:

Sounds cool... Would a simple rope do the same trick? (dumb kweszhjon?)

: : : The Buddha Rope is a string-dampening practice aid that serves as an accelerated technique builder for both bass and guitar players. This "magic" rope, which is a meticulous reproduction of the Buddha's original design, can be placed under the strings, either at the end of the neck near the pick-ups for right-hand exercises or in the middle of the neck for left-hand exercises.The Buddha Rope works in two primary applications:

: : : 1) By muting the strings near the pick up, The Buddha Rope isolates the picking/thumping fingering technique, developing greater speed, accuracy and articulation with the right hand.

: : : 2) When placed further up the neck, it raises the action on the strings, making it more difficult to press the strings down, which in turn develops strength and speed in the left hand. (Think of it as a similar concept to a "donut" on a baseball bat. When you remove the donut - Presto! - the bat feels lighter.

: : sweet! anyone know where i can get one?

: Hmmm....this is interesting...a little while back, I was looking for a good acoustic tone...I had fender tapewounds on, and that helped, but there was still too much sustain and not enough "thump." I solved this conundrum by taking a couple of layers of neoprene, cut to the basic shape of a soap bar pickup, staking them, and placing them under the bridge. By using wider and narrower peices, I could control the amount of "kill" they put into the tone. To hear of this Budda Rope is an interesting was designed as a practice tool, mine as a tone alteration. it ended up working choosing which of the multiple widths of neoprene went on top, It could get anywhere from a little deader elctric tone to an all out "drum" sound, with almost no sustain at all. One I do have to mention though, if you do try this, make sure you re-tune after it is inserted, at the tension on the strings has changed (nasty surprise if you don't). Another thing to consider is that it really helps if your strings are all the same amount of distance from the body...otherwise, some strings will be heavily muted, while others only lightly. Thats my way at least...

: Deman

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