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Posted by Stinko Stanko on September 14, 2000 at 02:46:38:

In Reply to: STRINGS ALWAYS BREAK!!!!!!!!!! posted by James Burmeister on September 14, 2000 at 01:25:37:

Hey, Jim... Someoe else must help you with the bridge tension or whatever, 'cause that's not my area... Can tell you though, I bought a set of the thickest brand of D'Addario roundwounds three months ago, and after slapping and poping (quite hard) at least one hour every day, plus, a couple of hours of ordinary plucking to that, all strings are still intact. I'm very satisfied with them, I think they are easy plaid and still sounds great. I always use a rag to wipe the strings clean when I've practiced for the day too, that makes them last longer. But you say that they break after just a couple of days?!? That seems very unnormal to me, maybe you should watch over your technique. It could very well be that you slap/pop too hard. And as said, if anyone got any cents to the bridge matter, speak up...
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: Hey guys. I was wonder what type of strings you use thet dont break when you play slap G-tring Keeps breaking at the core within two-five days of buying them brand new. I cant keep spending this kind of money. Am I putting them on wrong? sombody told me somthing about tension at the bridge one time but I didint understand. HELP. Thanx Guys (The Brewmeister)

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