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Posted by Derek van't Wout on September 22, 2000 at 23:05:47:

You can listen to me playing! Woo!

I'm a beginner and I really am quite terrible, but I'm pumped that I can share my playing, so don't kill the joy. ;) How did I do this? I took the cheapest possible route:

-grabbed my el cheapo samick p-bass ripoff and marshall 25 watt bass combo and dragged 'em upstairs right next to the computer.
-plugged some dirty computer mic into my computer. you know the kind, the ones that you buy at wal mart for 8 bucks. stuck it up close to the amp and cranked up the volume!
-opened up sound recorder, which just about every windows user should have on their computer, and hit record. (note: you should adust your sound quality to the highest possible, otherwise it'll sound like a broken radio. go to file --> properties, and it should be pretty straightforward from there)
-quickly turned off the monitor - this is important, especially if you have pickups that tend to be noisy like mine! the monitor will cause some serious hum to the point where it will actually affect your tone - not something you can just fix with a noise gate. that is, if you can actually afford one, unlike myself.
-after I finished playing my crappy lil' ditty, turned the monitor back on and hit the stop button. saved it, uploaded it to my site, and now you can listen to 'er at

Now, I know almost all of you can do what I did here, so go do it! I wanna hear all you pro bassists groove it up.

-Derek van't Wout

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