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Posted by kenny on September 25, 2000 at 20:48:24:

In Reply to: This is driving me Nuts!!! posted by James Burmeister on September 25, 2000 at 10:52:54:

: Alright, If my string keep breaking i think i might have to quit doing the thing i love so much. I dont have the money to buy strings every three days. I got my bass looked at by several people and they just say get this MORE expencive string. but they always break. am i slaping and poping to hard. please help me befor i have to quit play bass. iv'e come so far i dont want to quit know but i might have to. Thanx

slow down there need to get crazy......lets start with the basics.....why are you slapping and popping so hard? Is it because you you feel you need to so you will be heard? Is your amp set up loud enough for you to keep up with other folks. A long time ago I learned that that the sound is getting out there and there is no reason to go buts unless you really want to. With a good amp and bass, slappin' cuts through a band like a sharp knife, you may not realize me. Dynamics are a very important part of any players life and they are controlled with your hands. For example, I keep my rig at a pretty high volume, but most of the time you wouldn't know it. I control the volume myself. The higher volume allows me the freedom to play loud and not have to rip the strings off and my lower volume playing has a richer warmer tone. There are a couple other things you can try as well. Try raising the height on your pickups a little, this will give ya a little more signal to work with, and maybe fool with action of the bass a little . A higher or lower set up my affect your playing in a positive way. But most importantly relax, let your shoulder relax....get as comfortable as possible..and just play knowing that people are hearing you.......hope this helps in some way...peace.....don't you dare stop playin.........

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