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Posted by low b on September 26, 2000 at 05:58:12:

In Reply to: This is driving me Nuts!!! posted by James Burmeister on September 25, 2000 at 10:52:54:

: Alright, If my string keep breaking i think i might have to quit doing the thing i love so much. I dont have the money to buy strings every three days. I got my bass looked at by several people and they just say get this MORE expencive string. but they always break. am i slaping and poping to hard. please help me befor i have to quit play bass. iv'e come so far i dont want to quit know but i might have to. Thanx

: hey james,

it would be important to know which string(s) you break - the g ? i had problems with breaking the g-string very often a few years ago, and my problem solved itself because: the part of the bridge that the g is running over was probably not "shaped" to the string, nothing you could really see optically, but in time (a few months), the string was grinding itself a "comfy" place to rest on my bridge, and from one day to the next, it stopped.
btw, itīs not that expensive, just replace the string that broke and not the whole set, that should be reasonable. if the rest of the set sounds too dull compared to the new one, cook them! years ago, when i was always short on mula, i cooked the sets 3 or 4 times before i threw them away - it really works! i put water to boil, add a little bit of dish-washing detergent, boil the strings 5-10 minutes - voila! if anybody tells you that itīs gonna hurt your fingers more, or that the strings get rusty - daah! mine never did (playing for 13 years now). the only thing is that they loose their intonation in the highest range a little bit (i really mean little!) because the string gets physically damaged by the frets in time - so you have to see if you really need that perfect high-range intonation for a gig, i have always been playing with different bands, and with some of them, i didnt have to play double stops or similar stuff on the 16th fret...sometimes (this is no joke!) my DRīs would sound totally dull after one gig, then i did my cooking-magic, and after that the strings lasted 3 gigs under the same conditions without loosing their brilliance (i think this is due to the fact that when they have been cooked, a little detergent stays inside the winding, and if you start sweating while you play, they kinda "self-clean")
what kenny replied is important as well - check your technique, the angle that you pop the string at (if you break the string during the thumb slap manoeuver, thereīs definitely something wrong with that technique, too).

so much for that, hope i didnīt write too much (iīm a newbie to this forum and i donīt know if thereīs a limit about how much you guys wanna read in one posting)

keep on groovinī,
low b

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