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Posted by Datsgor on September 29, 2000 at 15:36:41:

In Reply to: DATSGOR!!! posted by The Brewmeister on September 28, 2000 at 22:11:09:

: : : Hey guys, I have a little problem here. I think that you guys would probably know best. when i play slap bass it is either to bright or not bright enough. what do you guys suggest. I play a yamaha bbg5s active electronics bass and use a pevey TKO 65 amp (if that helps at all). Thanks guys

: : : The Brewmeister

: :

: : Brew, I am going to need to ask you some questions. Does the bass have two pickups?(bridge and neck). Does it have a volume control for each pickup or just a blend knob(or switch.)Does the tone control have a nice even gain in tone through the sweep, or does it kind of have no tone through half the sweep and then all of a sudden lots of tone? You said they were active pickups, do the controls have a bass, mid and tone? If you answer these questions, I can maybe answer you for sure,but here are some suggestions in the mean time. Adjust your bass to have max tone and then model the amp to the desired brightness, try using just the bridge pickup and changing your picking hand location to vary your tonal qualities. I.E. playing over the frets for a bassier tone, over the neck pickup for less bassy and over the bridge pickup for a nice bright sound. I hope this helped...if not, just call me a blockhead and I will try to come up with some other answers......peace.......john

: Hey man, Ok lets see here... It only has one volume knob, a pickup selector, a knob that seems to just give it more boost(but its not a switch for active/passive), and a tone knob. thanks for your advice man, i need it alot.

: The Brewmeister

O.K...... Without being able to here the tone range of your bass' tone control, I would say go with the amp for your final tone sound(brightness), maybe even ever so slightly brighter then you like it and then back off the tone knob when you need bassiness. I went to the Yamaha web sight to check out your bass. I have always heard good things about the 4 stringer, so I believe the 5 stringer is electronically fine too. But< go to the web sight, click on guiters and basses, then click on basses, go to your bass and then click owners manual. If you havnt already done the things it says, go ahead and do them. particularly the pickup height adjustment. I dont believe I have helped you that much...Im sorry. Aside from something being wrong with the electronics, i dont understand how it can be bright one time and then not bright the next with out touching the tone control. well......peace to you.......anybody else want to take a crack at this?

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