Re: El Pájaro, Datsgor , Alfonso, Help?

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Posted by Scott on October 01, 2000 at 13:01:50:

In Reply to: Re: El Pájaro, Datsgor , Alfonso, Help? posted by Alfonso on September 30, 2000 at 20:57:40:

: Hey man! (and it's not a Mr. Big album LOL)
: I don't know which is exactly the model of bass you're playing with but I'll sugest the same as Scott; be sure that both pickups are active.
: Second is your strings: new strings sounds very good and you'll feel that your slap has improved if you try it with new strings (I use 0.40 gauge which I think it's the best for both slapping and walking styles...).
: I preffer very bass sounds; I mean; my equalization is a lot of bass and mediums and the treble about 3-4.
: The last thing that I could recommend is to get an equalizator pedal; it is a graphic equalizator that will help you a lot at the time of making a good, uniforming sound...It's not expensive and it really works, believe me...
: I think that this is all I can say. Hope that helped.
: PaZ
: A.

Hey fellas, I am going to agree and disagree with this one, first new strings will sound better (brighter) second, the last thing you need is more eq. I would set everything flat on your amp, and on your bass, by flat I mean the center where there is no cut or boost, then if the sound isnt where you want it, tweak the eq slowly, 1 to 2 db's at a time, always remember that cutting eq is just as good as boosting it, again, people get carried away with eq and it can and will destroy your tone, my rule of thumb when trying a bass or an amp is if it doesnt sound good flat, it wont sound good with eq, and that is usually true......


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