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Posted by Mickster on October 03, 2000 at 16:42:40:

Hello all,Mickster here.No I'm not going to talk about women,that's
better left to the barstool.I couldn't help but notice brother Nathan's
excitement in his recent posting about buying a bass.Go Nathan.I'd love to
know what you bought,but it would be nosey of me to ask if I didn't offer
up my own info,right?My "Past Loves":

1)A early 70's Epiphone solid body,32 inch scale (my first bass)
2)A 1976 Fender Precision bass,Ash body,fretted maple neck
Too midrangey!
3)A Gibson G3. Riper style body but with 3 single coil pickups
wired in a humbucking configuration.Strange bass.
4)An Ovation Magnum circa 1979.Serial # 00488 One of the first
500 made!Huge Humbucker by the neck,piano sounding single coil
by the bridge.Never popular,but what a pure sound.How I regret
selling this one.
5)A B.C.Rich Eagle.Twin P-Bass pickups.What a neck!Why did I sell you?
6)An Ibanez Musician.Roughly the equivelant of a two pickup Musicman
Sabre bass.Neck thru-body, endless sustain.I still have it and love it.
7)A Fender Fretless Jazz Bass (Mexico)I just bought this one this past
July.I had never played fretless,now I'm hooked.Guys,I know this
is a $400.00 bass,but don't knock it.I'm going to replace the pickups
though,it's got that famous Jazz Bass Hum.

So,That's my story.I've never bought a really expensive bass,but I
can see a nice pricey guy on the horizon.Fretless of course!

Any one care to confess? Jazz it up,The Mickster

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