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Posted by Calen Uhlig in Astoria, OR on October 10, 2000 at 13:54:28:

In Reply to: Re: Ampeg HELP! posted by Pat Harrington on September 19, 2000 at 18:13:34:

: : I want an Ampeg!!
: : But I need something with 300/350/400 watts @ 8 ohm (and something that can
: : also handle 4 ohm...)

: : Anything like this exist?

: : thanks grtz
: : C_A

: >>>>>>Yep....It's called the SVT, and comes in a few different
: variations, older, newer, some with graphic e.q's, some
: tube, some solid state, rackmountable, etc....My personal
: favorites are the old (70's-type) silver/blue faced all
: tube non-rackmountable heads. They put out a very conservative
: 300 watts RMS, and have an impedance selector on the back
: so you can run a variety of speaker configurations. These
: amps are absolutely legendary..These things pump so hard
: they can stop a charging rhino at 50 paces!!!
: Be forwarned, however....These heads alone weigh about 95
: lbs, and take 14 tubes...The power tubes are (6) 6550
: tubes which will run you almost $300 when it comes time
: to re-tube, and many of these older heads have been
: re-tubed with the crappy Chinese tubes, which are
: barely worth the glass they are encased in...
: If you find one at a decent price and it needs new
: power tubes, re-tube it with the Svetlanas if you can
: find them...They're on a par with the Sylvanias and
: G.E.'s....I quit humpin' an SVT after back surgery,
: I use the EDEN WT-800 which is a hybrid, but man,
: sometimes I wish I had my old SVT!!!...

: Cheers,
: Pat H

Amen on the weight of the 70's SVT models. I had a V4-B, which was bad enough. Ampeg currently manufactures an SVT-Pro line, however, that is much lighter. The reason is that it is NOT an all-tube amp, it is a hybrid line, much like Pat's Eden, I'm sure. It doesn't have exactly the same sound, but I think it's still a fine sound. I would suggest the SVT-III Pro. It's right about 350 watts into 8 ohms, I think. It's a rackmount head, so it's comparitively quite light. For massive ridiculous power, get the SVT-IV Pro like I've got - 1600 watts into 4 ohms. Expensive bastard though. Of course, even with the Ampeg baltic birch rack case, it still weighs slightly less than my old V4-B! Cya.

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