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Posted by Datsgor on October 12, 2000 at 19:38:33:

In Reply to: Tuning posted by Jeff on October 12, 2000 at 19:13:41:

: Hey i need some help. I just started playing bass about 2 weeks ago. And i LOVE it. i seem to be learning really quick. but i have a question on tuning, how do you tune it (eadg) i read that that you can tune it by holding the one strings 5th fret then hit the string below and they should sound the same...... but i cant get it to....any tips or am i doing something wrong.....also how tight can i go with the strings? (may be a stupid question but remember im learning).

: hope someone can help me.....
: thxs

Jeff, right on...welcome to the ranks!...There is an easier way to tune the bass besides the way you described. It involves Harmonics. A harmonic is made by lightly placing your fretting finger on the string(dont push the string down) in certain positions and then plucking the string with your playing finger to create an Harmonic(kind of a ringing sound) For tuning we will be dealing with the 5th and 7th frets. First, make sure your E string is relativly close to E(unless you are playing to CD's, it really doesnt matter) and then pluck the E string DIRECTLY over the 5th fret and the A string DIRECTLY over the 7th fret. You will hear a pulsating sound. The faster the pulses, the more out of tune the strings are with each other. The idea is to eliminate the pulsating sound by tuning the A string. When the 5th and 7th frets sound the same, then the strings are tuned properly. Now do the same thing with the A string and the D string and then the D string and the G string. You will then have a bass perfectly in tune with itself. This whole process allows you to tune with your fretting hand instead of having to reach over to tune with your playing hand. Good luck and enjoy.....peace.....john

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