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Posted by Miroi on October 15, 2000 at 13:37:30:

In Reply to: Re: 6-string fretless question posted by Scott on October 13, 2000 at 12:23:47:

Ok, thanks everyone.

Reason for six strings, besides the one I gave, is becous I feel that I want a challange. I allso think that you can make beautiful tunes on them becous of their wide range.

As for moderate price, maybe I should have been a bit clearer ;)
I mean around $800-1000. Maybe this isn't moderate, but I know that 6-strings are more expensive.

Since you say that it might mess up my playing, I might skip the whole "upgrade" deal though.

: : Hi.

: : This question maybe suits one of you 6-stringers.

: : I've been playin bass for a short while (around two years). I use a regular fretted 4-string at the moment, but I really like the smoother sound of a fretless more. Now, I feel I'm still in the learningprocess with my 4-string (yeah, I know, you never stop learn but you know...)

: : So I was wondering if getting myself a 6-string fretless will mess up my learning on the 4-string. Maybe a stupid question, but I've never even touched a fretless bass, and from what I hear, it's much harder to play. Oh, btw, the reason I want a 6-string is becous I want the low B and thought that if I do start to learn more strings on bass I could just aswell skip a 5-string since I figure I will want the higer string aswell for solos and such.

: : Another question is, what good 6-string fretless basses should I consider when buying? I'm not rich, so if you know of any moderatly priced it would be great if you could tell me those. Still... want a quality one though! ;)

: You really need to master the 4 string before jumping onto a 6, and a fretless one at that, it is a very demanding and difficult instrument, I would recommend getting a 4 string fretless if fretless is something you are serious about pursuing, as jumping back and forth from a 6 to a 4 will mess up your learning either instrument.
: Scott

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