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Posted by kenny on October 22, 2000 at 07:37:41:

In Reply to: The REAL world posted by Pat Harrington on October 21, 2000 at 19:53:42:

: Down the page a bit a question was asked, "What does it take
: to be a good bassist? This is probably the toughest question I've
: ever seen asked here, well, here goes..To me, the most gratifying
: thing about playing bass, or any other instrument for that matter
: is getting your music HEARD, be it live, in front of a paying
: audience, or be you fortunate enough, getting your stuff recorded
: and heard by the masses. I can still remember when I
: picked up a bass for the first time, (a cheap, Hofner Beatle Bass
: Copy), trying to thumb-pluck the intro to "Day Tripper", thinking
: I'm NEVER gonna be able to play this damn thing...Luckily, I came
: from a musical family and had an early exposure to music and
: musical instrments, first being accordion, and later, Sax and
: Clarinet. Not everyone starts with music lessons and method
: books, hell, MANY of the worlds most influential musicians can't
: even READ music. Does this make them any less valid? NO IT DOES
: NOT!!! (That left-handed guy from Liverpool couldn't read music
: BTW) Being a successful musician of ANY kind, lies in you heart,
: your head and your ears. SO WHAT if McCartney doesn't know the
: difference between an Am9 or an Am7 chord on paper, People
: can be students for their ENTIRE lives, know every chord, arpeggio,
: mode and scale and still NEVER be able to come up with songs
: like YESTERDAY, or riffs like DAY TRIPPER..These things lie in
: an undying love for music, and the cumulative effects of one's
: life experiences. There's a BIG difference between being educated,
: and being creative, the former not always leading to the latter..
: Einstein once said, "imagination is more valuable than intellect"..
: Go figure.....What do ALL successful people have in common?
: A commitment and dedication to the things they love most, and
: NEVER allowing others to criticize them in to QUITTING!!!!
: There are MILLIONS of people that will ALWAYS tell you what
: you're doing WRONG...That their way is the ONLY way, and that
: unless you do it THEIR way, you are ignorant, and will FAIL...
: Remember the Wright Brothers, Thomas Edison, Henry Ford, Micheal-
: Angelo...What do they have in common?...There were MANY people
: that thought these guys were FOOLS!! Just think if these guys
: would have listened to these idiots!!!...Remember the guy at
: Decca records that turned down the Beatles!!!...Did the Beatles
: stop and hang it up? HELL NO!!!! I wonder where that guy
: ended up??? It seems that there is always a plentiful supply
: of ASSHOLES that DON'T WANT others to succeed in their OWN
: WAY....It just BURNS them up that someone is doing something
: that THEY THEMSELVES CANNOT DO!!..Fellow bassists, DON'T
: LISTEN TO THESE PEOPLE...The saddest thing in the world
: lies in unfulfilled dreams and WASTED TALENT, human potential
: going unrealized..The most destructive words in the English
: Language, (or any other language for that matter) are "NO"
: and "YOU CAN'T" If we all were to listen to the numerous
: jerk-offs we meet throughout our lives telling us those
: above words, where would we be? God only knows.....
: What's the moral to this lengthy, rambling diatribe??
: Well, learning all those chords, modes, scales, bla-bla-bla
: may be important, but not even 1/1000th of one per-cent
: as important as what lies in our hearts and our souls, or
: our unrelenting LOVE for MUSIC...In other words, our motivations
: have to be right..If you want to be a musician to party and
: pick up chicks, well, there's a long line of people in front
: of you....roll the dice...You probably won't get there, and if
: you do, you won't last...There's gotta be something more
: substantive...Why do I continue to play bass? Because
: without music, I AM DEAD...How do I continue to play, and
: even get PAID to do it? By showing others that I enjoy
: what I do, and know what I'm doing!! Do I make mistakes?
: YES!!...Anybody who tells you that they never make mistakes
: is a LIAR and a FRAUD...Futhermore, SNOBBERY has NO PLACE
: in the true human experience of MUSIC. Music is ONLY an organized
: stream of sound, produced by a human voice or some type of
: musical instrument. nothing more, and nothing less...
: You must experience music as a whole, not just some
: particular musical idiom....LIVE IT, LEARN IT, LOVE IT,.....
: ALL OF IT!!!!.....Being a musician is sort of like being
: a writer...If you know 5000 words, you can make yourself
: understood, if you know 500,000 words, you can CHANGE THE WORLD!!
: And NEVER, EVER let anybody tell you that you can't....
: So.......Get out there and JUST DO IT!!!!!

: Peace, and Cheers as always..

: Pat H.

and the crowd jumps ot their can feel it .........I guess it doesn't get any more honest than that. Thanks for sharing your feelings like that.........peace



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