Re: right hand tenderness, and a bit of swelling

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Posted by JN on October 23, 2000 at 11:23:22:

In Reply to: right hand tenderness, and a bit of swelling posted by Brent on October 22, 2000 at 11:45:06:

If your had hurts, or even worse, get swollen, you really should see a doctor about it. If I where you I'd go tomorrow, or as soon as possible, becous if you continue practise eventhough you hurt, you might end up totally messing your hands up which might lead to the fact that you won't be able to play anymore. The hands are your most important instrument since you cant trade them in for a better model if they brake down.
What you can do is instead of playing hard is turn up the volume and play with a feather touch. You should allso rest more. As soon as it starts to get tender, stop and rest your hands. Allso, if you have a teacher, you should tell him or her the problem so you can work out a better technique for you, since you are obviosly doing something wrong.
Oh, and a note on streaching. Streaching is good, however, there is such a thing as overstreaching. If you strech your hand and push it to far, it might end up doing more bad then good. It's really hard to tell if you do this since it's different for everyone.
The only example I can think if is if you take your thumb and push it down all the way to your under-arm, which most people can do, you are now streching to much. Streching should not hurt. You should not push, you just twist or turn (or whatever you do) as much as you can, and then add some miniscule pressure.

Your muscles build up yes. But if it hurts, you are doing something wrong.

I play 4-8 hours a day and my hands never hurt, but this is becous I started right away to work out a perfect technique for me.

The bottom line is:
You are doing something wrong if it hurts! (I can't tell you what it is specificly)
See a doctor!
Discuss it with your teacher to see if you can improve technique (technique can always improve :)
Be carefull that you don't overstrech
Be sure to rest your hand

Hmm...yep...think that's it.
Hope it works out for you


: I play the bass with my index and middle fingers, and also with a pick.
: I warm up properly....strech my hands while I'm playing, and my two fingers and thumb
: get tired and a bit swollen after each session....I dont play overly hard, but
: I dont play with a feathers touch either. I've been playing for about a year those small muscles
: in your fingers eventually strengthen? I ice my hand every so often after rehearsals, and
: that helps a lot....I just hope I'm not injuring my right hand in any way. My right hand feels completely natural
: while I play....Its just frustrating to think I might be damaging my hand in some way
: with no knowledge on how to fix it......any help out there? or anybody go throught the same thing
: and did it heal or get stronger?

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