Re: What's a good, cheap bass to begin with?

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Posted by Rich Laird on October 24, 2000 at 15:55:01:

In Reply to: Re: What's a good, cheap bass to begin with? posted by Mickster on October 23, 2000 at 16:46:40:

: : I've never played bass before, nor any other instrument, but I've always enjoyed the deep tone of electric bass (especially when played by Les Claypool) and thus I have decided to invest in such a product. So far I've concluded with myself that I don't care for lessons and just want to dink around and maybe buy some books on how to play, so I don't really want anything to expensive. I was thinking a Fender might be good for a beginer but since I don't know anything about basses I came here to ask if anyone would have a suggestion for a good, inexpensive bass. Hmmm, that also reminds me, what different types of basses are there? I know that there are standard and jazz and six string and fretted and fretless but I haven't the slightest clue as to what each is good for and which would be the type I'd want (like something you'd use in a rock band). So, if anyone can help out I'd be most appreciative. Thanks.

: Hey Bob,what's up?

: Firstly,so I don't repeat myself over and over,go down this page
: to a posting by a guy named Aaron entitled "Need some serious help".
: This was posted on 10/12/00.Read my,and the other guys' responses,but
: for now,let's start with money.When you say not too expensive I'll
: asume less than $500.00.When some people say "I don't want to spend too
: much" they mean $200.00;others say "I only have $1,000.00 to spend,so I'll
: split the difference.For about $250.00 you can get some of Yamaha or Ibanez'
: entry level basses,and believe me they're good instruments.No bells and
: whistles,but good.Also Fender puts out an economy line called Squire.Also
: good.If you want to go to about $350.00 you can get one of Fenders low end
: basses which are made in Mexico.Also very good.I bought one in July.As you
: aproach $500.00 everything starts to get real nice.As I stated in the earlier
: response to Aaron, go to each manufacturer's web site.Their entire lines will
: be there.Also pickup a copy of Bassplayer magazine,it's crammed with ads,advise
: and reviews.Most basses now have two pickups,so you'll get a variety of
: sounds.You can use almost any bass for any type of music.My advise(humbly
: offered)start with Country music.It's easier to follow than other types of
: music thus easing you into "The Bass player's world".

: Hope this helped,The Mickster

Mickster's My Man!! He sure seems to know what he's talking about and gives out some useful advice to people (myself included) without any of the opinionated sarcasm and ego BS that often seems to come with it.

Anyway...I'm just an old fart who doesn't even play that much anymore, but thought I would toss in two cents worth here. One thing I've noticed is that there seems to bo some good deals on basses in all price ranges on ebay. I've seen some Yamahas, Ibanez's, and Squires on there...for not a whole lot of money. A lot of them (according to the sellers) have hardly been played. Once you get an idea of what you want, you might be able to find a nice little bass without breaking the bank.

I also see a lot of amplifiers on ebay, too. One thing I would caution you about buying equipment sight-unseen is that bass speakers have a way of getting blown from being hooked-up to the wrong equipment or just being mistreated. (I don't know much about electronics but I guess the deal is that a bass can pump out really huge peak wattages that might be too much for the speakers to take.) So I would be carful about that. Even if someone tells you his speaker is OK, they might be making an honest mistake. I've even heard people out on gigs who have been playing through trashed-out speakers for so long they forgot what it was supposed to sound like.

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