Re: Advice on how to best use an EQ?

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Posted by El Pájaro on October 27, 2000 at 09:36:10:

In Reply to: Advice on how to best use an EQ? posted by Asbestos Man on October 27, 2000 at 05:01:13:

: Title says it all, but in particular, how can I get a really mellow low sound on an open E string with none of the room-shaking harmonics? I want a good thud without the octave harmonics ringing out, and I just can't find a good setting on my EQ. (BTW, I tried palm-muting, but the note doesn't ring out long enough).

: But other than that, how do you all use your EQs to get certain sounds?

Yo there,
In an ideal world (don't blame me, but Pythagoras instead...) harmonics should be perfect multiples of the fundamental. In the REAL world, though, bass strings have a LOT of mass, thus preventing them from acting like old Pyth's "theoretical string".
Anyway, even though it's true bass harmonics are not perfect multilpes of the fundamental, they're still pretty darn close. So what the hell does all this have to do with EQ? Here's what: keep in mind that the fundamental of the open E string is around 41Hz; then do the math and you'll find the approximate frequency of all of its harmonics. Now, how do you tame those suckers??? Here's how (although it certainly isn't cheap): get a parametric EQ (I told ya it's not cheap), set the frequency center around the frequency of the harmonic you'd like to cut, set the bandwith to the narrowest possible, cut dB to taste and ...voilá! Nasty harmonic taken care of.
Hope this helped. Buena suerte and keep that bass up front in the mix,

El Pájaro

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