new bassist questions

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Posted by Randy on October 27, 2000 at 23:59:28:


I just bought my first bass (a used BC Rich Mockingbird) and have a few questions

1) after I pluck a note with my finger, am I supposed to do any vibrato with my left hand like guitarists do? or is it more appropriate to just let the note ring out?

2) how many fingers should I pluck with? just my index and middle? dont some bassists use their ring finger as well?

3) I'm really into 80s metal like Iron Maiden and I like to use my fingers instead of a pick, but my friends tell me I have to play with a pick to get a good metal bass attack. I've tried using a pick and I hate it. it feels more natural with fingers plucking the strings. any input on this?

4) slapping and popping seem to be really popular in music right now, but I cant stand the sound of it! am I a freak? :) seriously, why do so many bassists use these technqiues?

sorry I'm a 15yo newbie. just learning on my own until I start lessons in a few weeks

thanks for any help!

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