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Posted by Datsgor on October 28, 2000 at 05:56:59:

In Reply to: new bassist questions posted by Randy on October 27, 2000 at 23:59:28:

: hey

: I just bought my first bass (a used BC Rich Mockingbird) and have a few questions

: 1) after I pluck a note with my finger, am I supposed to do any vibrato with my left hand like guitarists do? or is it more appropriate to just let the note ring out?

: 2) how many fingers should I pluck with? just my index and middle? dont some bassists use their ring finger as well?

: 3) I'm really into 80s metal like Iron Maiden and I like to use my fingers instead of a pick, but my friends tell me I have to play with a pick to get a good metal bass attack. I've tried using a pick and I hate it. it feels more natural with fingers plucking the strings. any input on this?

: 4) slapping and popping seem to be really popular in music right now, but I cant stand the sound of it! am I a freak? :) seriously, why do so many bassists use these technqiues?

: sorry I'm a 15yo newbie. just learning on my own until I start lessons in a few weeks

: thanks for any help!
: Randy

Hey right back at ya, Randy.

O.K., well, you can use as much ar little vibrato as your heart is content to use. Its a personal thing, there are no wrongs in music.(theoretically speaking of coarse)Of coarse you can play the wrong note, but in a broader aspect, whatever you think sounds good is O.K. I too listen to alot of Maiden and Sabbath and such and I have never used a pick.(20 years and still going). Once again, aside from the basic proper technique of fingerstyle, you develope your own style after a while. I use all four fingers now. As for using a pick...well thats up to you, not your friends. You play the way you fell the most comfortable. Slapping the bass is not the worst thing you can think of doing, it only adds to your diversity, but don't force it. maybe a few years down the road you will change your mind. PLAY WHAT YOU LOVE AND YOUR LOVE OF THE BASS WILL FOLLOW. Ah yes, a used Mockingbird. One of my fist basses was a used Mockingbird. Great Bass. Geez I miss that thing. well, I hope I have given you some useful pondering material.......enjoy................john

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