Re: string advice for an old EB-0?

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Posted by crazy guy in a suit on October 29, 2000 at 12:04:17:

In Reply to: Re: string advice for an old EB-0? posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on October 29, 2000 at 08:21:16:

: : I have been a guitar player for a few years. I just got a bass to record with, it's a '68 gibson EB-0, but I think it still has the original strings on it!!

: : I don't know much about bass strings, but this bass sounds a bit muddy with the tone control anywhere but on "10". what would you guys suggest? roundwounds? I know flatwounds supposedly sound duller.....

: : FWIW, I'm using a '70's tube SVT head w/Traynor 4x10 cab, has 4x150 watt emminence speakers in it. top-of-my-head favourite bass sounds are bob marley, led zeppelin, police, pink floyd, meters, yes.

: : thx in advance for any help!!

: Crazy Guy,

: There are 2 basic problems with an EB-0: 1) Short scale, and; 2) Bassy pickup.

: The basic limitation of a short-scale bass is that you don't get the fullness of tone that you do with a regular 34" scale; not that you can't get a decent tone out of a short-scale bass (I had one that sounded great), just that there are limitations to the tone.

: The pickup is what *really* limits the EB-0's tone, though; it's one of the deepest, bassiest pickups ever, and it tends to lack much in the way of high-end response.

: First thing I'd do would be to take the strings off and boil them for about half an hour; it's not magic, but the first time I did it, the difference was *amazing*!

: Next, try a set of roundwound or half-round strings; I tried an EB-0 the other day that had a set of roundwounds on it, and it sounded *much* better than I remember *any* EB-0 sounding with flatwounds.

: After that, you might want to get an EQ pedal; keep the lows where they are, then boost the mids and highs, and that should help quite a bit.

: Hope that helps!

: -Bob

hey, Bob; thx!

actually, my bass head has an "ultra-high" switch that really helps out, it sounds pretty good. EQ pedal might not be a bad idea either, I didn't think of that. as for boiling the strings, I don't have to do any ritual thing while they're boiling? maybe squeeze in some lemon juice? :) mmmmm..."30 years of finger grit" tea!!!

since I'll be getting new ones soon, I'll boil them just to see what the diff is!!

thx a lot, appreciated!

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