Re: HELP! Beginner's questions need answering

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Posted by Mickster on October 31, 2000 at 17:07:03:

In Reply to: HELP! Beginner's questions need answering posted by the learner on October 30, 2000 at 15:17:55:

Hello Learner.Your posting is full of fear and regret.Throw these away.
Also for one of the greatest bits of inspiration you'll read anywhere,
scroll down this page to the date 10/21/00 and read and re-read Pat H's
posting,"The Real World".I'll answer your concerns as best I can in their
numerical order.

1)Did you get a good deal?The price you paid sounds about right.A P-Bass
is one of the best axes you can buy.It fits into ALL types of music.If the
strings sound dead,CHANGE THEM!I'd advise this any way.You have a new axe,
put on new strings.I'd recommend round wounds if you're into Rock or Punk.
Roundwounds have a very bright,ringing metalic sound as compared to flat-
wounds.The only way to decide for sure is to listen for yourself.If there's
no one else with a Bass around you,just buy a set.Experiment.We all had to
do it.
2)I'd recommend bass lessons,but shop around for a good teacher.I know this
is easier said than done,but ask around.Look in your local newspaper.Take bass lessons because it will apply directly to the instrument
you're playing.Keep it simple.Also,look in a music or regular bookstore
for bass methods with a CD included.They're about $25.00 or so but very
3)Worry about this down the road a little.You'll start to recognize notes
by ear when they seep into your subconcious,not before.More on this at the
4)O.K.This is the fear and regret part.You're worrying too much.STOP WORRY-
ing.Just play,take a few lessons and relax.You say you have "no ability"?
I say Bologna sandwich.You bought an instrument and that,my friend indicates
desire and optimism;if not why did you buy it in the first place?Your battle
is half won.You say you sat idly by for years while your friends learned to
play? So what? You want to learn now,and now is where we are all living!
Don't ever compare yourself to any one else.If they're better than you it
will spawn thoughts of inferiority,which are almost always wrong.If you're
better than them,it will give birth to arrogance.Don't put a time limit on
this.You'll be good before you know it.Start out with the song "Lyin'Eyes"
by the Eagles,you'll see how easy it is to play with the CD.Any one who
would ever laugh at anyone else displays THEIR stupidity and shortcomings.
Just like learning Karate or a foreign language it takes time,but
not nearly as much as you think.Your God given ability will show itself.
Let it come out.

It's Halloween,and I need some candy. Or something else sweet.

The Mickster

P.S. Read Pat H's note.

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