Re: Peavey Cyberbass experience?

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Posted by Terry on October 31, 2000 at 18:28:38:

In Reply to: Peavey Cyberbass experience? posted by Kevin on July 26, 2000 at 09:48:12:

I use both systems, Yamaha & Peavey.

The Peavey is like having a baby, you must keep the fretboard and strings very clean (each fret is wired to an on board computer!), no finger ease or "chicken grease" or else you run the risk of triggering the "next closest note" like an E when you really fingered an F.

Also you must use nickel wound strings (Peavey Accu-wraps work best) for proper tracking. Most importantly-you need good clean "chops" when you play especially if you slap.

On the plus side the Cyberbass lets you hold notes with your finger forever if your synth patch does not have a preset decay. There is no tracking delay at all.

The Yamaha system "reads" the vibration of the strings so there is a little bit of tracking delay but I don't notice it. Also as the vibration of the string dies down so does the volume of your synth patch, but you can edit your synth to ignore volume messages and use a foot pedal for long sustain.

You can use the yamaha system on most basses, 4 to 6 string. As always with pitch to midi you need good "chops".

I have used all of the bass pitch to midi systems available to date and personally favor the Yamaha for its reliablity and the option to use it on any of my basses.

I tried to endorse the Cyberbass but Peavey went with T.M. Stevens, and I believe the reason it was discontinued was that a player needed great chops and extra midi equipment to get the most out of it, mean while sales of cheaper non midi basses where higher, so a very labor intensive instrument to build like the Cyberbass didn't really have much chance to catch on.

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