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Posted by Tim Brosnan on November 02, 2000 at 18:10:32:

Hey Datsgor....
After reading your post,i had to write.I say,right on!Let me tell you about my situation.
Since Memorial day weekend,i've been playing with a four piece classic(read;OLD)rock,and country band.The leader(for whim the band is named)is the biggest jackass on two feet.This guy:
knows MAYBE 3 chords on a guitar-no matter,he can't even tune the fucking thing,
drinks WAY TOO MUCH alcohol,and is so hell bent on not having fun,its disgusting!!He is now locked into the same gig-same old tired songs,same old people week,after week.Yeah,it pays 0k,but so would a job sweeping floors at K-mart(that would probably be more fun.)
Well,i've had enough.My new band is striking out for our first gig New Years eve.This other guy can go pound sand-i gave notice a monyh ago.And yet,i'mstill helping him out,because i dont like to screw people.
My point is,its NOT worth the aggrevation.I love playing bass,but i'm not gonna let some untalented hack tell ME about how to play music.Even the people who come to see this moron think he's an asshole,and dont blame me for quitting.
He lost his best gig,when his ego got to big,and he told the club owner where to go 10 minutes before showtime!
You were right to quit.They'll get nowhere.Don't become an asshole by association.Keep on groovin,and good luck on your next project.
Thanks for letting me vent.May we ALL have good gigs.

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