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Posted by Datsgor on November 03, 2000 at 09:41:53:

In Reply to: Re: Quitting the Band From Hell posted by Bob 'Skippy' Blechinger on November 03, 2000 at 08:43:54:

: : This is so frustrating, I just gotta vent......I joined a band about 2 months ago and last saturday we played our first party. The band had been together 8 months before I joined. At the "gig" the drummer was dropping his drum sticks, the guitarists were still screwing up the chords and when one of the guitarists broke her A string, she just kept playing...OUT OF TUNE and the whole song sucked after that. When there was a perfect oppertunity to end the song, they just kept it was awful! I just recently got back into playing, but come on is this acceptable? Anyway, I am now on the hunt for another band. What do you guys think....should I have left? thanks for letting vent.....peace.....john

: John,
: Oh god, it's the GIG FROM HELL!!! OHHHHH!!! OHHHHHH!!! (think Sam Kinison)

: You were 100% right to leave the band; it sounds like these dolts couldn't play their way out of a paper bag.

: Granted, part of being a musician is paying your dues, and part of those dues is the occasional Gig From Hell, but that's more a matter of having an off-night than being saddled with a bunch of incompetent morons who are in massive need of a judiciously applied cluebat.

: Just curious, were there clues that this was going to happen while you were practicing?

: Given that this is a new band, I can understand them screwing up from nervousness on a first gig, but ANY band that can't tell when they're out of tune isn't worth the time and effort to be part of it!

: I hope you find something better soon; don't let this discourage you.

: -Bob

Yea, there were clues, the drummer would try some complicated fill and mess up the beat at practice. And even after the band being together for 8 months they still messed up the chords. Im talking stuff like the Ramones, better then ezra, and so on. I guess I was hoping that the energy of the first gig would solidify things. Like when I play on stage, it's like Im not playing the bass, i play things that i never played before...the you know what I mean.....peace

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