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Posted by Mickster on November 07, 2000 at 16:51:41:

In Reply to: Speaker Attenuation posted by Deman on November 06, 2000 at 17:17:40:

: Or something like's the question...I'm looking to buil;d my own cab, and had a quick question for any of you techies out there...if I run two drivers, say each with 350 watts power handling, in parallel (series? Oh man! can't remeber!) maybe series then...anyway, if I run two by 350 on one curcuit, will that increse total handling to 700? or stay @ 350? Or do something completely off the wall like 2x-x/2 if x were handling? (Yeah, yeah, math SUCKS! but is useful sometimes)
: And Wait...while I'm in this train of thought...two eight ohm loads produce a four, two fours a two, then does a four and an eight produce a six? Four and two a three? AAAHHHHhhhhh!!!!!!

: Help me out before I drive myself nuts (not like I'm not already there)computing loads and handling and resonant freqwincys and all that other oh-so-fun stuff!
: Deman

Hey Deman,
I'm not an expert on cabinets,but, what I do know is:

1)The speaker ohm rating divided by the number of drivers in a cabinet
yields the ohm rating of the cabinet;ie, 1 8 ohm speaker = an 8 ohm cabinet,
2 8 ohm speakers in the same cabinet = a 4 ohm cabinet,etc.I just read a
review of an Epifani 3x10 cabinet in Bass Player mag and when they stated
it was a 5.2 ohm cabinet,it took me back for a moment until I realized:3 16 ohm
speakers in the same cab = 5.33 ohms(5.2 is close enough)

Each aditional speaker added to a particular cabinet will increase its power
handling capacity appropriately;ie 1 100 watt speaker = 100 watt capacity
2x100 watt speakers in the same cab = 200 watt capacity and so on.One thing
I'm not 100% sure about,but,still would not recommend is mixing speakers of
different ohm resistances in the same cabinet.Also,even numbers of drivers
has seemed to be the accepted norm for years.Why play with something that
will fry your amp?Most amps work o.k. at 16,8 or 4 ohms.2 ohms = funeral.
Always check the minimum ohm rating of an amp(usually printed on the back)
when in doubt.Hope this helped.
The Mickster
P.S.You'll almost never blow any amp if the gain is kept low.Hi volume(what
we all love) is what destroys.

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