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Posted by Miroi on November 14, 2000 at 16:38:15:

In Reply to: How'd ya start? posted by WIll on November 13, 2000 at 20:05:06:

Well, for the how to start, I think Toby is right. Get a teacher and start. Starting is the easy part you know ;)

Why play bass over any other instrument you ask... well, why not. I started on guitar, basicly just becous we didn't have a teacher for any other instrument in the early grades of school. However, I didn't really like it becous in my ears, it sounds like a toy (for lack of a better word), I never really like the squeakyness of guitar. I went to a few concerts and decided I wanted to learn bass, becous in my opinion it's more groove in the instrument. Hard to explain this, but in my opinions, it's the basslines that gets stuck in your head. I mean, for instance, everyone knows the bassline for "stand by me", "Every breath you take", "Soulman", "No woman no cry"... and the list goes on. An even better example is "All along the watchtower" preformed with jimi Hendrix just becous of the fact that it's a "guitar tune". Anyway, I bet most of you know the beat of that tune (the bass line) so wel that you can hum it. But I bet not many of you can hum the guitarparts. (if you havent heared the tune, listen to it and maybe my point gets clearer)

Shure, everyone gets dazzeled by fast guitar-solos, but they don't stick. You just say...ok, cool. Then you forget them.

So... that was my reason for playing.... a bit confusing perhapps, but I tried explaining ;O)

: Hello again, 'tis me, Will, with yet another question... Just wanted to know who got you started playing bass, or why you choose to play bass over anything else, these questions just come to me and any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated.
: Thanks again, and dont forget to visit my bands site at the bottom (please sign the guestbook!)

: Will

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