Re: buzzing bridge, SORTED

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Posted by Datsgor on November 17, 2000 at 15:20:49:

In Reply to: Re: buzzing bridge, SORTED posted by RICHY on November 17, 2000 at 14:43:18:

: My bass is an Aria Pro II which the bridge came on. I'm afraid that's all the infomation I can give, i don't know to much about bridges yet.

: : O.K. well, there is nothing on your bridge that should be buzzing if it is set up properly. The string tension holds the saddles down, and thats about all the moving parts on a bridge. SO, we need to look at the screws, allen and phillips. Are the saddles all level in relation to themselves? are the allen screws(they adjust saddle height) touching the bridge with some tension? Take your allen wrench and tighten them, not alot, just enough to lock them down. Now, if your intonation screws have springs around them are any of the springs loose? If they are, I would tend to think the bass is'nt intonated correctly. But the springs should'nt be flopping around. Likewise, check to see if the intontion screws are tight, if they are, check the mounting screws for the bridge, and thats about all the parts for a bridge that could possibly rattle, or BUZZ. If that does'nt help, well, then I don't know. Damn,if I could only get my hands on your bass..............peace...john

: I checked everything you said to and I found that the intonation screws were lose, I tightn'd them up a bit and now they don't buzz. That's fantastic, thanks a lot! Richy.

I'm glad.......peace....john

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