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Posted by Mickster on November 20, 2000 at 13:30:35:

In Reply to: flatwounds posted by Al on November 19, 2000 at 13:28:55:

: Are flatwound strings good. Do they produce as good of tone as others.

Hey Al, what's up?

This is a real Coke/Pepsi issue.Do they produce a tone as good as other strings? Definitley, but in adifferent way.First let's look at their
counterpart: roundwounds.Roundwound strings have a kind of ringed sleeve
surrounding their core which causes them to vibrate much longer than flatwounds,
which have a kind of flat sleeve surrounding their core similar to a tight
fitting cover on an umbrella when it's not in use.Roundwounds are rough to
the touch, but as I said vibrate much longer than flats, and also have tremendous highs(sometimes too much).Because of their sustain and treble, they're very punchy and very well suited to all types of music, hard rock
especially.Flatwounds on the other hand have noticeably less sustain which
gives them a more percussive sound.They're more suited to Jazz(if you want
to sound more like an upright bass)Latin music and especially fretless basses.
Now, everything I've just said is accurate, but it's also just one guy's opinion.Can you use roundwounds for Jazz or Latin? Absolutely.Can you use flats
for hard rock? Of course.You really should try a set of each on your own bass
for let's say a month to form your own opinion.Another point is that flatwounds seem to sound the same month after month whereas rounds sound unbelievably
brilliant when first installed, but the brightness gradually fades due to the
oil from your hands getting into the open rings of the strings.Half rounds, which are sort of a roundwound with the edges of the rings shaved off have
characteristics of both types.Tastes Great! Less filling!The ultimate judge
is you.

Jazz it up,The Mickster

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