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Posted by Pat Harrington on November 26, 2000 at 10:08:59:

In Reply to: hmmmm posted by Neil on November 24, 2000 at 03:49:37:

: I read the same message (for those who dont he's talking about Carol Kaye)

: what I find confusing is the fact that she's been a bassist for a LONG time

: how could she not know that whats she's doing is wrong? she's been setting her bridges up like this for YEARS (pulling the saddles all the way back on each string)......wouldnt she notice these problems you mentioned? I mean she has gigged and recorded for many sessions, wouldnt other musicians or engineers tell her this is wrong or her intonation is way off?

: i'm not arguing fact this whole thing has me confused as hell lol

>>>> If you still doubt what I said, DO THE MATH!!...Opinions are just that,
but as I said, Mathematics DO NOT lie...If you have a bass with a
34 inch scale, and pull the bridges back to make it a 35 inch scale
instrument, you've effectively moved the location of each note over
it's corresponding mathematical division (fret), It won't be so
noticeable over the first few frets, but as you climb up the neck
where the frets are much closer together, you will become out of tune
exponentially faster. You will also find that your harmonics (read-
overtone series) will no longer be where they're supposed to be...
I suppose if you use 4 year old flatwound strings wadded up with
felt or foam or whatever to give you a real "thuddy" tone, you might
not notice as much. The other night, I was doing some experimentation
with all of this, I was turning the saddle screws on my Jazz Bass,
while plugged in to a BOSS TU-12H tuner, just a half a turn on that
screw either way made the tuner's needle move a significant amount..
Some people don't understand guitar or amp repair, opting to have
someone else do these thing for them, which is fine, but if you're
like me, I choose to educate myself on these relatively simple
procedures, rather than paying someone to do it, and save the
coin...It's not that tough one you understand it...

Pat H

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