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Posted by Pat Harrington on November 27, 2000 at 19:53:03:

In Reply to: Calling Pat Harrington posted by Tim Brosnan on November 27, 2000 at 19:07:10:

: Hey Pat,i have been reading your posted messages about intonation.I have also read Carol Kayes messages on her website,about the same subject.The first question i have is,have you ever actually challenged her on the subject?I'm just curious as to what she might have had to say about it.

>>> Hi Tim....
I read those postings as well, and when one poster tried to
(although somewhat clumsily) communicate these things to
the esteemed webmistress, they were hastily deleted. This
happened to me as well on another topic, I've since considered
myself "persona non grata" on that message board. I actually
studied with CK almost 25 years ago for about a 4 month period,
and I respect what she has accomplished through her lengthy
and legendary career, but that was a LONG time ago. Tim, the
world and the music industry has changed a LOT since then. The
Bass Guitar has gone through an extraordinary evolution and
revolution as a voice in contemporary music of all kinds, not
just certain types of music that certain people think is
worthy. I may not have done 10,000 sessions or played on
a bunch of hit records, but I have done over 1000 live gigs,
most of which have paid; I consider myself to be professional
in my attitude, and take music VERY seriously, especially
when someone is paying for my services. Take a look down
the list a ways and re-read my posting titled "The REAL World",
I've elaborated on many related topics in that posting.
Anyway, about intonation...What I said and what I think
Mickster said about these things is true, as you've learned
with your Yamaha bass, these are not things that I've concocted,
schemed, or dreamed, these are mathematical absolutes, set
in numerical stone. I learned these things when I worked for
Leo Fender at MusicMan in the late 70's and also from a good
friend of mine whom I consider to be one of the finest luthiers
in the world. ( I wish I could afford one of his instruments :-))
So, as I said before, bad advice is bad advice, no matter where
it comes from. The music business, and music itself are subjective
things, what people believe to be good or right depends on the
individual. Yes, I think that people should do what they believe
in, and do it wholeheartedly, but when a situation calls for
objectivity, we should use our minds accordingly, and if we're
wrong, admit it, learn from it, and move on, not get snotty or
shoot the messenger. The reason why we post on this list is
to talk about a few of the thing we love most, Music, and Bass.
I hope that perhaps a few of the things I've said here have
helped someone, at least in a small way; I surely have learned
quite a bit from all the posters that have been so generous
with their time and knowledge. The difference between this board
and some of the other boards, is that we're all here because we
want to be, and nobody is selling anything or charging a fee...
If I can be of help to anyone here, let me know, I'll always
be willing to take a moment to post. If I can't help, or don't
know, I'll say so, and if I'm wrong, I'll ADMIT it...

Rock On..
Pat H

: The other point is,when i bought my Yamaha BBG5,it came with a manual that showed how to adjust the bridge saddles.I did actually have to adjust a couple of the strings(the harmonics were lower than the fretted notes)I will say,that turning the wrenches as specified in the manual DID make a difference.I'm no math major,but hey,the ears don't lie!!Fender guitar techs also discuss this as being an important step on an instrument setup.
: Hey Pat,i respect both your opinion,and Carol's.I guess its just best for us to do what WE believe is the right thing.
: Peace for now,and keep the groove happenin'

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