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Posted by Tim Brosnan on November 28, 2000 at 16:46:44:

In Reply to: Re: Calling Pat Harrington posted by Pat Harrington on November 27, 2000 at 19:53:03:

: : Hey Pat,i have been reading your posted messages about intonation.I have also read Carol Kayes messages on her website,about the same subject.The first question i have is,have you ever actually challenged her on the subject?I'm just curious as to what she might have had to say about it.

: >>> Hi Tim....
: I read those postings as well, and when one poster tried to
: (although somewhat clumsily) communicate these things to
: the esteemed webmistress, they were hastily deleted. This
: happened to me as well on another topic, I've since considered
: myself "persona non grata" on that message board. I actually
: studied with CK almost 25 years ago for about a 4 month period,
: and I respect what she has accomplished through her lengthy
: and legendary career, but that was a LONG time ago. Tim, the
: world and the music industry has changed a LOT since then. The
: Bass Guitar has gone through an extraordinary evolution and
: revolution as a voice in contemporary music of all kinds, not
: just certain types of music that certain people think is
: worthy. I may not have done 10,000 sessions or played on
: a bunch of hit records, but I have done over 1000 live gigs,
: most of which have paid; I consider myself to be professional
: in my attitude, and take music VERY seriously, especially
: when someone is paying for my services. Take a look down
: the list a ways and re-read my posting titled "The REAL World",
: I've elaborated on many related topics in that posting.
: Anyway, about intonation...What I said and what I think
: Mickster said about these things is true, as you've learned
: with your Yamaha bass, these are not things that I've concocted,
: schemed, or dreamed, these are mathematical absolutes, set
: in numerical stone. I learned these things when I worked for
: Leo Fender at MusicMan in the late 70's and also from a good
: friend of mine whom I consider to be one of the finest luthiers
: in the world. ( I wish I could afford one of his instruments :-))
: So, as I said before, bad advice is bad advice, no matter where
: it comes from. The music business, and music itself are subjective
: things, what people believe to be good or right depends on the
: individual. Yes, I think that people should do what they believe
: in, and do it wholeheartedly, but when a situation calls for
: objectivity, we should use our minds accordingly, and if we're
: wrong, admit it, learn from it, and move on, not get snotty or
: shoot the messenger. The reason why we post on this list is
: to talk about a few of the thing we love most, Music, and Bass.
: I hope that perhaps a few of the things I've said here have
: helped someone, at least in a small way; I surely have learned
: quite a bit from all the posters that have been so generous
: with their time and knowledge. The difference between this board
: and some of the other boards, is that we're all here because we
: want to be, and nobody is selling anything or charging a fee...
: If I can be of help to anyone here, let me know, I'll always
: be willing to take a moment to post. If I can't help, or don't
: know, I'll say so, and if I'm wrong, I'll ADMIT it...

: Rock On..
: Pat H

: You know,i think it sucks that CK treated you that way,especially having once studied music from her.I agree,its nice to have a board like this,everybody has been really nice and helpful.As i've said before,i wish this existed 20 years ago.
As far as instrument setup,i pay a professional to work on my guitars:since i dont put the Christmas presents together in my house,i wouldnt even dream of turning my truss rods!!(lol!!)Seriously,if adjusting the bridge is an important part of a setup,then by all means,it should be done.That would be like changing your oil,but never changing the filter(i work in the car business:people actually DO THAT-how dumb!)
Well,its always nice to hear from ya!Peace for now,and keep on rockin yourself.



: : The other point is,when i bought my Yamaha BBG5,it came with a manual that showed how to adjust the bridge saddles.I did actually have to adjust a couple of the strings(the harmonics were lower than the fretted notes)I will say,that turning the wrenches as specified in the manual DID make a difference.I'm no math major,but hey,the ears don't lie!!Fender guitar techs also discuss this as being an important step on an instrument setup.
: : Hey Pat,i respect both your opinion,and Carol's.I guess its just best for us to do what WE believe is the right thing.
: : Peace for now,and keep the groove happenin'

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