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Posted by Mickster on December 04, 2000 at 12:32:26:

In Reply to: help for fretless newbie posted by marzman on December 02, 2000 at 11:20:24:

Marzman,what it is...

I have a Mexi fretless Jazz also and love it.I don't know
how they make a bass that plays, feels and sounds so good for so little, and
I'm not gonna lose any sleep over it either, I'm just glad they do.

O.K. Responding to your questions as written:

1.I like the flats that came with the bass.I'm gonna try a set of La bella
flats or maybe Thomastik after the Holidays.I just feel that flats compliment
a fretless finger board, especially for slides.Just my opinion.

2.I've never used roundwounds on a fretless.It would just seem that rounds would
start to score an unfretted board pretty quickly.In a recent issue of Bass Player magazine, I think it was the July issue, they tested an Ibanez BTB 5 string fretless that came stock from the factory with roundwounds on it, and
they commented that the fingerboard already showed some signs of scoring after
a short time.

3.I'm in the same boat with you here.I want to replace my pickups too.I did
it years ago on my old Precision.I don't think we'll loose the J-bass sound
if we install different pickups, just that lousey hum! I can't stand it.
I want to install Bartolinis in mine, however, here's a very important point
to remember that I stumbled across at the Barolini site.Because our Mexi basses
are economy models, Fender installed two Neck width pickups on these basses.
On regular Jazz Basses(the more expensive ones)the bridge pickup is about
1/4 inch wider than the neck pickup, so you must keep this in mind when buying
replacement pups, as most pup makers sell them in sets as I just described,
which means only the neck pup will fit.Bartolini advises you to measure the
pups just to be sure, I did, and sure enough they were both the same size.
You can order them so they'll both be the same size, but you must specify this.
DiMarzio makes a pup called Ultra Jazz, and you can buy them in regular Jazz sets, or either pup individually, so you'd just order two neck size pups.Check
your's just to be certain.The site There's also different
sounding Barts, read the descriptions.

As far as touching the strings, I know what you mean! I advise everyone to get
a fretless, even if it's inexpensive.You don't know what you're missing, and
it's not as menacing as you might think. Jaco did it. We must follow the example
of this priest most high.(How's that for an Epitaph?)

Marzman, good luck.If I get off my butt and replace my pickups, I'll let you
know how it came out.

The Mickster

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