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Posted by Toby Meyer on December 07, 2000 at 08:01:22:

In Reply to: Re: dumbest question in the universe? posted by Deman on December 06, 2000 at 20:03:27:

: : just kidding, but...

: : seriously, we got fretless basses why not fretless GUITARS? how come nobody makes these?

: : I know they'd be harder than hell to play, but wouldn't the tone be worth it?
: : just curious

: They do - you just don't know it. I actually know of a company called Freenote Music that makes a fretless strat (or "any model G&L guitar") that has a special compound? fretboard with a hard treatment of some sort. For anyone interested, they also make something called the Twelve Tone Plus Guitar, which, besides the normal twelve tone scale, adds new, purely tuned notes out of the harmonic series on more frets. Looks pretty fun to play. (also on any G&L... Hmmm...wonder if they'd do a bass...?) Anyway...the reason we don't see more fretless guitars , IMHO, is that they're HARD to play! The scale length gets pretty damn small up near the 12th+ frets, and it's easy to lose intonation.And we all know most guitar no offence, I shure can't do it very well! :) Now, the argument against this is that if Violinists can do it, so can guitarists (nearly half the scale of a guitar, fretless!), but, the problem is sustain. If you've ever heard a violin being plucked, you know what I goes dink-dink-dink, insted of diiiiing...a guitar would have this same problem. Supposedly this new fretboard treatment (material?) takes care of that, and I'll bet a well made instrument doesn't have too many problems, so...there you have it. If you are still reading this, my job is done, and I may sleep in peace tonight...
: Deman

Hey, there's another fretless guitar: the Fernandes Native Pro Fretless (Made in Taiwan)

Toby Meyer

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