Re: what do you guys think of the Ibanez BTB?

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Posted by Mickster on December 07, 2000 at 12:39:29:

In Reply to: what do you guys think of the Ibanez BTB? posted by Denny on December 07, 2000 at 08:08:42:

: Okay, I have to buy a bass, and I would like to look at something other than Ibanez or Fender, but I don't know where to look..I'm looking at the EDC, EDB erodyne models and the BTB..any opinions or whatnot on them?
: The BTB I am looking at is the BTB505sumthin or other..

Hey Denny, about a month or so ago I went to Sam Ash to buy a guitar stand,
and, because I have a lot of trouble controlling myself(financially)while
in music stores, I wound up buying the stand, and a boss flanger.To check
out the flanger, I took a bass off the wall, and didn't even realize it was
an Ergodyne until I'd been playing it for about 10 minutes.It was model EDB605.
It's a 5 string.All I can say is that it impressed me tons.Fisrt off, for a
5 string, the neck is extemely comfortable; not too narrow, not too wide.
It has 3 band eq, a pan control, and has active electronics.It could produce
a very wide range of sounds, although I would say it falls into the Jazz Bass
hall of tones.It's definitely worth checking out. The BTB was a few basses
down, and I regret not pulling that one off the wall.It sure looked nice.So
did the price: $1399.00. I'm thinking of getting another bass soon too.This
one's gonna be a five string, and the Ergodyne is the front runner so far.
I also want to check out one of the Spector 2000 series.I also can hear the
fairy voices of Musicman whispering "Michael,Stingray 5, Stingray 5", but I
must resist for now; they're about $1,400.00 also.Not that I'm dropping any
hints, but my birthday is this Sunday, Dec.10, and I'd gladly pay the shipping
if one of you affluent but silent viewers of this page sent me a nice neck-thru
body baubble.Another bass I've heard a lot about is the Fender Rosco Beck 5.I've
read a few reviews, and they all said the low B string is very well balanced
with the other strings.Again, we're talking about a grand and a half here.I thank God this is my one weakness in life.(excluding horizontal enrichment)

Denny, good luck.Let us know what you buy.

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