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Posted by Asbestos Man on December 11, 2000 at 19:28:21:

In Reply to: Finger style vs. Pick style posted by PanteraFan on December 10, 2000 at 11:03:38:

: I know hundreds of new players have asked the same question over and over again, but which is the best way to play, Finger or Pick?
: Thing is, I've got pick nailed down perfect, and I can play pretty complicated basslines doing it(I just cracked 'All Around The World' by The Red Hot Chilli Peppers), but I cannot get the hang of finger style. I seem to pull the string instead of pluck them when using my fingers. I can play with my thumb, but that's bassically the same as a pick.
: I get confused when I see Jason Newsted use a pick on all songs, but then Timmy C. from RATM only uses finger style. Help!

Paz is right, it is best to learn both. No question about that. The question of which is better depends on the music. If you're playing punk, pick is much better. It give you a more cutting sound, and that's the sound people have come to expect from the genre. If you're playing jazz most would choose fingerstyle over picking because it makes it easier to blend in and support the song rather than be there to stand out.
In between there it's a little hazy, though. Like you said, Jason uses a pick and Tim C uses fingerstyle. Fairly similar music, or at least requirements of the bass, but different styles.
Basically, I think that if you don't intend to use any slapping, tapping or whatever, then in music that doesn't specifically require one or the other using a pick is better. It affords you more speed and a sronger attack.
I personally prefer fingerstyle because, and this is gonna sound corny, it makes it easier for me to feel like one with my bass. I really feel like I have total control, and I can't get that same feeling with a pick, so that affects how well I play.
But ultimately it's up to you and the music.

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