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Posted by Emptyeye on December 15, 2000 at 14:28:10:

In Reply to: Re: Tunings posted by Deman on December 14, 2000 at 18:42:58:

: : Can anyone tell me all the different kinds of tunings for bass and how to do them w/ a tuner?
: : thanks

: 1)Standard. EADG kind of gives itself away on a tuner.

: 2)Five String (with a four) BEAD - most electronic tuners will automatically register the B if you tune the E down far enough. From there, the rest of the strings go down too. it Plays normally, (form wise) except your strings are one string Lower. If you have a five, then BEADG is standard.

: 3)Drop D - The E is tuned down to a D. To do this, play the D open, and the E at the twelfth fret. Tune E down to match D. On a tuner, just play the E at the 12th, and tune down until the tuner registers the D. Fun to play around in.

: 4)High C - On a five string, EADGC - tuning a five up. most electronics will do it again.

: Experiment. Odd tunings can be pretty fun. I've even used two of the same notes on two separate strings in song to get some pretty cool effects.
: Deman

You're forgetting some man!
5. 6-string- BEADGC. Standard tuning on a 6-string bass.
There's also what you could call "The Fieldy Variance" for each of these, which are:
4-string: DGCF <---Used on Rush's "Test For Echo"
5-string (Low B): ADGCF <---Actual tuning Fieldy (Of KoRn) usually uses.
5-string (Hi C): DGCFBb
6-string: ADGCFBb
Basically you tune everything down a whole step. Fuuun. Hehe.

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