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Posted by Mickster on December 19, 2000 at 12:49:21:

In Reply to: The Next Step posted by Johannes on December 18, 2000 at 08:52:42:

: I have just recently started playing bese (5 months) and watch other players and copy them. A bit from this player a bit from another, and I am now able to listen to any of the pop songs and work them out and play them. I know my technique is not the best, but I'm unable to progress with my playing. This frustrates me to no end. I live in brisbane Australia and I'm wondering who could be recomended as a good teacher in the area. I feel like I'm headbutting a brick wall!! If anyone can help it would be moste appreciated.

Johannes, it sounds like you're "hitting the wall", a period of stagnation
and frustration that we all go through in our learning period, which by the
way happens to be one's entire life.I know just what you mean; from the time
you first picked up a bass till now you probably made great improvements in
remembering where the right notes are, and each time you played you got a little
better, a little more cofident.Now you feel that you're not making any progress,
or even going backwards.It happens to everyone.Don't sweat it.I can't help you
with a teacher, but try playing with a different style of music from the one
you normally listen to.It may very well open up your ears to something you
never thought of trying.I gave up for a while(years ago)because I used to
compare myself with Stanley Clarke(how dumb is that?)and I had no one to talk
to(musically)and thought I'd never be any good.Look in your local paper or ask
at your local music store; there's gotta be teachers in Brisbane.I've never
been there, but I know it's no small town.Never, ever give up,Lad!Don't even
think of it.If you have to, put the bass down for a few days.We all need a
vacation every once in a while from the people/things we love.Go easy on
yourself.Right now is just a temporary bottle neck.It will flow again soon,
trust me.Merry Christmas.

The Mickster

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